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Le Soir

"Yuliya is this way, a complete extroverted personality whose popularity with the public can be seen by the ovation she received"
"How can one resist such generosity, how not surrender to such ease of technique and expression?"

San Francisco Chronicle

“She is indeed a winner with fluid, effortless technique, rhythmic acuity and alertness, and genuine musical insights and feeling.”

La Libre Belgique

“A fantastic and dreamy journey...dominated by a temperament of fire.”

The Washington Post

"The playing, in this as in the entire performance, was fluent, expertly controlled, acutely conscious of the music's structures and balances."
"A powerful individual with an unaffected stage presence."
"But what impressed even more was her ability to marry seemingly contradictory interpretative styles"
“Gorenman used her touch wisely and passionately; she was right there when the heaven-storming moments descended, giving them the proper care she showed in the more eloquent lyrical passages."

Nicholas Slonimsky

“She is a pianist without fear.”

Music Web International

"Yuliya is one of these performers, the concert experience transforming her playing from excellent to nearly indescribable." 

The Baltimore Sun

“...incisive and lyrical...a blistering performance of Prokofiev's Concerto No. 3..."

The Spokesman-Review

"it was hard to imagine how only 10 fingers could negotiate such complexity, much less how it could be managed with such utterly relaxed musicality."
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